Deal of the Week, Run-Down of Events

Here is the current Deal of the Week at The Current Connection. This promotion is good from April 27, 2009 through May 1st, 2009. Sorry for the pathetically "gray" advertisement but our local paper has a tough time transferring my colorful ideas to print so I make everything gray scale for them. I just finished up with the ad for next week - we're hitting the graduation specials early to watch for a kicking deal on Dell Laptops!

Its crazy how fast two weeks passes and how many times in the span of those day when I think to myself, "I should blog about this." Clearly I don't blog as much as I think about blogging. I'll try to be better :) Here's run-down of the last couple of weeks:
  • Gage spent some more time with Grandma & Grandpa Anderson checking calves, feeding baby cows and playing in the mud. He's very excited for branding this weekend (he just doesn't know it yet). We don't talk about calves, Chuck or "the ranch" until we're ready to walk out the door
  • We took a trip East River to visit the Franken/Waba crew and enjoyed bottle feeding "Gumby", another toddler birthday party, and a traditional Easter celebration with Dale & Teresa (Kim's grandparents). Just 7 days late, Gage hunted for Easter Eggs, dyed eggs with Kim's cousin Jenni and Teresa and ate a huge dinner with family.
  • After our belated Easter celebration Gage and Jack headed back to Lemmon and I stayed back for State FFA Convention. (Gage was so exhausted from a busy weekend he slept about 3-1/2 hours of the trip!) Shad Christman, 2008-2009 State FFA Vice President, was my student for 3 years and I stuck around to support him and watch a great presentation in student leadership and development by FFA members from across that state.
  • While visiting East River, the "bump" made an appearance and I returned to Lemmon visibly pregnant. I know this because the next day people stopped me on the street in surprise. It'll be here the end of September (with any kind of luck - the due date is actually October 9th). I say it because it will be a surprise - no sneak peaks here, but mostly to torture Jack's sister who REALLY wants to know! Neener neener.
  • We FINALLY shampooed carpets at the house last weekend. They feel much better and after being out of the house all day today we'll see how they smell when we get home tonight. There was one evident spot of skunk residue that we had been missing in the bedroom so hopefully we took care of our odor issues. They are very minimal at this point, its just something we hope to be rid of soon!
  • And now a few pictures of the East River trip:
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  1. Very cute pictures!! He is such a cutie pie! Cant wait to see the new one!