Deal of the Week, Skunk Update

We have instituted a new promotion at The Current Connection: Deal of the Week. Pick up the paper or listen to KBJM Radio and check out a different deal each week at the store. This week's promotion is on a Toshiba DVD Player and next week (spoiler alert!) will be a 22" Toshiba TV at a steal! We are working on a few more surprises at the store - think adding services - that we hope to announce soon so check back. I'll try and keep you abreast the current Deal of the Week.

And now, the latest on the battle against skunk smell. We faithfully sprayed vinegar in the carpet for several days following the attack. The peroxide, baking soda, dish soap bath worked great on Wrangler and took the remaining smell out of his hair and skin. The mountain of laundry has actually grown as we finally finished cleaning out the closets included rarely worn dress clothes, extra linens and even the clothes we'll never wear again but keep storing. At 3-4 loads a day you'd think we would be making headway but its tough to see much of a dent at this point. We're on our 2nd bucket of OxiClean and several pieces of clothing are more stubborn than others, requiring several washings.

When we get to a point that we think the skunk smell is gone all we have to do is leave for a few hours and come back. There is still the faint smell of skunk, mixed with vinegar. Its quite the combination. I've yet to open the bag containing the comforter waiting for the perfect day when I can lay it outside in the lawn. The last of the snow might be melted today so maybe the comforter will appear soon!

That's all I have for today. I'll shoot for a few pictures from Gage's birthday in the next update.

Happy Wednesday!

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