William Chase - 4 months

Here are a few pictures of sweet little Will. We were able to grab a few 4 month portraits last week. His Mom and I had a great time trying to squeeze out a smile only for it to instantly disappear the moment the flashes fired. He definitely made us laugh! The rest of his pictures are up on the photo proofing site: http://www.squaredphoto.smugmug.com/
He is great at blowing raspberries and smiling at his big brother!
Great time for a little tummy action!
How can you resist a few topless photos with baby fat creases and chunky little cheeks? And one more picture for a laugh!
Stay tuned as I hope to blog again this afternoon or evening. I made a list of everything I should be including but am not. Here's your teaser of what to expect:
  • The Current Connection initiates a new "Deal of the Week" (something to blog about every Monday!)
  • Gage turns two, has a pool party, plays with "Brice", and does chores with Chuck "Drivin' the tractor. Feedin' the baby cows."
  • An update from our skunk smell fiasco.

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