Laptops and Pink Eye

Is it really Thursday? Please don't feel like you're missing out on Deal of the Week because...its the same deal next week. This special is so great its running for two weeks. So let us know if you're interested and we'll hook you up. *Hint: you do not have to be a graduating senior to take advantage of this special.

In other news, Gage spent all day Monday at the office, I subbed in high school social studies on Tuesday and today Gage is at the office with pink eye. We spent part of the morning with Dr. Jake (the guy's a legend and rightfully so - he is awesome) and Gage had blood taken to test his thyroid levels again. I'll get into the thyroid discussion another day, but you should know that before I could even send Jack a text message with the diagnosis they were done taking blood. There is a vein in his arm that performs beyond expectation every time we need it. I say we, but in all honesty I wait in the hallway, the labtechs call in reinforcement and its usually over before I can wash my hands. Four stickers and two bags of candy later he was high-fiving the lab techs on the way out the door. (I know they cringe when they see us on the schedule but they are also amazing.)

One more funny story and quick snapshot of today's fun. Back story: several weeks ago Gage spent a full day and a half with Grandma and Grandpa Anderson at the ranch. We walked in the door and he immediately started into a lengthy, though mostly incoherent, story about a cow's butt. Naturally, I figured he saw a baby calf born but then Grandma explained that Gage witnessed his first prolapse repair. (If you don't know what it is...look it up. I'm not going to explain.) Periodically since this episode Gage has talked about "fixing a cow's butt". Today he was playing away with tassels from a kite and a football and I asked what he was doing. His simple reply, "Fixing a cow's butt." (Kim laughs, calls Jack over and we repeat the conversation). He was so tuned into the task at hand, he nearly missed out on a trip to the Sugar Shack for ice cream and lunch. Here's a picture of our future vet...if he could only fix pink eye.

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  1. OMG! This is hilarious! Thanks for capturing the moment. Guess he's not going to forget that one :)