When Good Friends Reproduce

You know you love me. Glad I can be creative with the titles a little. So here's the story of Baby Easton. His mommy and I met when we started Kindergarten at Franklin Elementary School a while back, quickly became best friends and remained so throughout high school and now, into the "meat and potatoes" of our lives. (Someday I should scan in old pictures of our childhood to share with you.) Anyway, Dana meets David and gets married in 2006 during a tornado (literally). Easton arrives November 2008 and starts growing as soon as he hit the air. At six months and just over 20 pounds, he is squishy and has the most kissable cheeks I've ever seen...maybe I'm partial, but take a look at his six month portraits and see for yourself.

Their front door provided amazing light for us to work with. I was very excited to see these images on the screen. I may be starting to improve at this photo taking thing!

We worked really hard to get even the slightest grin on his sweet little face. We sang, we danced, Gage played with all of Easton's toys and this was the best we could do.

Then Daddy came back and Easton's face immediately lit up. Its so cool to watch how little tykes react to different people. I think Mommies have a tendency to bore them after a while that they just appreciate a change of scenery.
After a quick snack from the bottle, we thought we could snap a few more quick pictures with the Twins gear, but Easton had other ideas (like a nap).
One more of the entire family (minus Tank...what were we thinking?). They're big Yankees fans, can you tell? :)
You can see the rest of Easton's pictures at the NEW photo hosting site! I'm very excited about using Zenfolio for hosting. Check out a few old and new albums at www.csquaredphoto.zenfolio.com

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