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Welcome to The Current Connection Blog. If you're wondering what to expect from me here let me give you an overview of what I do and how I plan to use this new tool.

A year ago, I made the decision to stop teaching agriculture courses at our public high school and start working with Jack at our businesses. We own and operate a main street computer and electronics sales and service store (The Current Connection) and in the summer we take rodeo entries for the South Dakota Rodeo Association (Midwest Rodeo Entries). Our businesses stays busy enough that its more than a one man operation so I came on board to help with phones, advertising, schedules, and the retail end of the operation while Jack continues with purchasing, repairs and service calls. We have plans to expand the business in a few new directions, including professional portraits and photography services (CSquared Photography).

Since all of the cool businesses are now blogging and I want to be cool someday, I figured it'd be a good way to express what goes on inside my head without having to tell everyone in person or over the phone as the case is 400 miles from here (hi Mom and Dad!). So I can't tell you exactly what you'll get here but I can say that its bound to include new things that I learn about the electronics and photography sectors, highlights from our "Deal of the Week" promotions and of course, the entertaining and energetic happenings of our 1 year and 51 week old son, Gage. He'll be two in ten days (*tear*) but feels like he has been a part of our lives forever. As we've quickly learned as entrepreneurs, its pretty difficult to not mix business with personal life and our blog will likely reflect that. I hope to include plenty of pictures in the postings, even though this first one is all words. I can promise sarcasm and a glimpse inside our crazy weird lives in Northwest South Dakota.

We aim to please and hope to entertain. Thanks for stopping by and see you soon!

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