Baby Calves

This picture is from almost a year ago of Jack's Dad, Chuck with Gage checking heifers. Gage loves cows and loves anyone who can take him closer to cows. Grandparents on both sides nurture the obsession.

At the close of a successfully productive day at the office Gage's Grandma Koreen stopped to chat. Gage played his normal tricks with Grandma: pure avoidance which eventually leads to casual conversation followed by running circles around the room. While Gage played with toys and ran off his endless energy, we chatted with Koreen about weekend plans and she shared a calving story from the previous night. Around 4am she heard the tractor start and thought it a little strange. When Chuck came back in the house there had been a calf born to a stubborn cranky cow who didn't want anyone coming near her precious bundle. So Chuck drove right up to the calf and used his hook to help it into the bucket and safely move it to the protection of the barn. A fairly normal story in this part of the country. We chatted a while longer and out of nowhere Gage walked up to Koreen, grabbed her hand and started leading her to the door. When questioned where they were headed Gage replied, "Help Grandpa and baby calves, in bucket, in tractor." Because we don't say no (and neither does Grandma) and really need a peaceful night's sleep (plus productive Saturday to boot) Gage headed to the ranch to help with calving. Good luck Grandma and Grandpa - he'll be stellar at the midnight, 2:00 and 4:00 checks. No need to set an alarm.

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