Mother Nature's Revenge

Mother Nature: Consider this my apology and surrender. I am sorry that I didn't let my toddler play outside all winter because I do not like the cold. I am sorry I sealed my windows in plastic so I could not enjoy your cold breezes the last 4 months. And I am really sorry that I spend too little time enjoying the sunshine and instead choose a life of pale skin and Vitamin D supplements. Please accept my surrender and stop sending snow. If you could also warm it up about 30 degrees, it would be much appreciated. And in return, I promise to stop cursing you on Facebook.

Welcome to Spring - we are in the midst of our second blizzard in 7 days and 157th this winter. Ok, that last part is an exaggeration, but I think we have put in our time for a while. To celebrate this momentous occasion on this fine day we kept Gage at the office. This blizzard actually did bring a couple of customers into the store and the phone even rang a few times despite every other business in town being closed. Nevertheless we had a good time introducing Gage to the Wii (he made it to the 3rd level of boxing all by himself!), playing hide and seek in the spacious work areas and taking some quick two year pictures of Gage. With less than two hours of naptime, the photo session was a rapid fire 20 minutes and a quick edit with help of Gage who loves to play the "puter" to watch "Elmo ABC". Here are a few pictures. I'm working on a special project that should be up tomorrow! They've already cancelled school here, so we may have another day of Gage at the office. If we decide to take him along, I'd love to try and do a "day in the life" photographic journey so stay tuned!

Happy Monday,

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  1. Why isn't Gage wearing a shirt? Hope the snow stops for you soon and the sun does come out and warm things up. I'm sure it will. Pretty nasty here today.