Logan's Preview!

The baby girl with one million smiles was really confused when I showed up at her house to take pictures. We (meaning her Mommy, Super Dad and our BFF) worked extremely hard to get a few precious smiles. Grandma showed up right at the end to bring out a few more. Smiles or not, we had a great session with this little dumpling and have loads of great pictures for her. Enjoy!

I loved that denim "Princess" jacket in the first shot, but coming from a house full of denim (and dirt) I ate up her pink wardrobe. And seriously with these headbands - love them! Her mom said little girls have to wear these otherwise they just look like little boys dressed in pink. I think Logan looks all girl, but would keep her in headbands anyway. :)

They had so many great ideas for pictures and it was fun to use what was available in their house and yard. The apples? From a tree in their backyard. I'm not sure which parent deserves the credit for this idea, but you definitely earned a gold star.

Logan, your Mom and Dad are CRAZY out you and its pretty easy to see why.


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  1. Absolutely adorable!!!!!! These look SO great. Looking forward to seeing more.... Thanks again.

    Nick, Renae, & Logan