John Peter's Sneak Peak

John was pretty excited for his senior photo session. He had some really cool ideas for his outside shots, and we have some fun stuff planned indoors as well. The bonus for me was getting to hang out at the lake, take a little boat ride and then scramble back to town just in time for a thunderstorm. We'll start the preview out with a quick shot of JP's little brother.

I think this is a shot that John's mom requested and then nervously watched us set up. I'm a bit of a putz, and had to watch my step near the edge - fun stuff though!
There are plenty of other great shots of John in the water including a pretty sweet jump that'll leave you breathless...or was that just you sucking air John?
He spends a little time most of his life out on the water in the summer, so we took advantage of his interests. Nice work John - can't wait to shoot some more in the near future. Enjoy your Sneak Peak while I'm working on the rest.
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