These one year old cousins were full of energy for their combined photoshoot. Talk about busy!! Elijah was really into the camera when we first got started. He'd run out in front of me, sit down nice, fold his hands and smile. Perfection. Then he decided he needed a peek inside the lens. Love it!

We had to explore some interesting antics to keep the kids entertained. I think we were chasing a butterfly when I snapped this little gem. Doesn't he look ready for preschool?

Aleyna is equally as cute and busy, just a bit smaller. :) She really liked this rocking chair.

Unfortunately, so did Elijah. And I only brought one.

So we distracted him with bubbles. Who needs suds and a wand when you're a pro at blowing them yourself? I was impressed!

While we captured some great shots of each kid, our biggest challenge was getting one of them together. By this point, he was done with us and ready to chase Grandpa around the yard.

Can you say cute? Love this!

But I like this too.

I had a great time kiddos and hopefully the rest of your pics will be ready soon!

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