Gracie - Blonde Beauty!

Gracie turned 1 a while back and Mom thought it was high time for some updated portraits. How can you help but love a little girl with golden curls in the polka dot dress? She's definitely feminine as she crawls onto stools, into baskets and eats weeds. :)

Let's see how we did.

Hello beautiful!

She really put the miles on running from one end of the studio to the other. It inspired me to look into wireless transmitters for the strobes. New toys for Kim!

This might be my favorite. Mom said, "Where's Dad?" and this was Gracie's reaction. She turned toward the street and started screaming for Dad - it cracked me up!
Thanks for a fun session Gracie. I'm glad the apple juice didn't stain your pretty dress. Gage found a few abandoned Smarties leftover from your session that he quickly snatched up today. He says thanks for sharing.

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