Beautiful Families Make Me Smile

I really hope the pictures that I took of Celena and her kids do them justice. They are awesome people with great big smiles. Dad wasn't able to join us for this session, but we've got some cool ideas planned for him at a later date (he's a firefighter who loves hunting, how much better does it get?). For now enjoy Mom + Three!

Aren't these colors amazing? For not really coordinating a "matching" look I'd say this is perfect. Everyone is wearing something they like and everyone looks great! There's something about taking pictures right at your home place that puts a person at ease.

"Girl Talk" - I'm sure I'd get the eye roll for that, but the bond between sisters is so cool. I hope they continue to get along well through high school!

Mr. Preston was full of great ideas - and we took his picture a lot! There were a lot of cool ones, but this is my favorite of him.

"Reverse Psychology" - we were having trouble getting genuine smiles so I told them to be serious for a while. Tricky, tricky!

I LOVE this - and so will Preston's future wife and kids. I promise.
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