10 on Tuesday, Volume 1

Something new to try. Hopefully it'll get me thinking more about getting my ideas down on paper. You know, because someday I'm certain my (future) teenage sons will need a reason to shun me.

Questions for Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1. What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day. Do you love it? Hate it?
I’m pretty indifferent really. Do I celebrate it with my husband? Sometimes, but not on a Monday. As far as scheduled holidays go, I’m alright celebrating for the sake of eating cake (or chocolate, or turkey, etc.) but I enjoy doing nice things for people when I think they need it most. And its probably not when I know they’re getting plenty of presents and well wishes anyway. That said, since we’ve had kids, we celebrate holidays for them so they can form their own ideas about life.

2. What is your favorite romantic comedy?
Yikes…I don’t get to watch many. Sweet Home Alabama is a standby for me and I like Pretty Woman. Does Harry Potter count? No? Hmmmm, how about The Big Bang Theory? Pawn Stars? Myth Busters?

3. Meg Ryan & John Mellencamp: what’s your first reaction?
Are they together? Good for them I guess. I’ve tried to get my hair cut like hers about 13 times. Its always a different style I clip out and take in, so I must really like her style. And John has some great work out there you can’t help but love.

4. All time favorite poem or quote?
“Live so that when your children think of integrity and fairness, they think of you.” And “Faith can move mountains, but don’t be surprised if God hands you a shovel.”

5. What’s the longest amount of time you’ve gone without sleep? (like consecutive hours).
3 years, 10 months. Ok, not really but suffice it to say that our household is rarely well rested. I anticipate having a super hard time getting Gage out of bed as a teenager. He has lots of catching up to do. The longest without sleep is likely TEC in high school. 48 hours at one point I think. It took lots of Mountain Dew.

6. What color ink do you prefer to use?
Blue. What’s my favorite kind of pen you ask? http://bit.ly/frIr9l There is definitely a perfect pen for everyone. And I can probably find it for you. I’m a bit of an office supply junkie. It’s what I do.

7. Share with us a blog that you recently found and fell in love with (and link us!)
I had seen this once before and kind of forgot about it. When I found it again, I enjoyed it even more. Its beautiful. http://bit.ly/bQce1q

8. If you could be on a reality TV show which one would you choose?
American Pickers. It has become my American Idol of 5 years ago. Gotta love watching big dorks do what they love. It doesn’t get any more real than that – ha!

9. Mountains or Beach?
I will pick mountains every time. Namely, Bear Tooth Pass in MT/WY – heaven on earth right there.

10. With the Oscars around the corner, what’s your pick for best picture?
Yikes, I probably haven’t seen any of them. The best movie I saw in a theater last year was Harry Potter 7.1 and I spent the first half worried that my kid was going to have nightmares about it. And he wasn’t even there.

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