Klitzke Grandkids

These two cuties were visiting their Grandma and Grandpa and were treated to a portrait session. Ethan told me that he loves having his picture taken, so I knew immediately that I was dealing with a pro. He didn't disappoint.

I think Jordan could read my mind - those cheeks are squeezable. These kiddos kept things lively as Ethan led the crab walk, bear crawl and dinosaur prowl.

A look at their best dinosaur faces.

After we finished up in the studio, the rain had subsided so we headed to the park. Miss Jordan LOVED the swings. She's great at pumping her legs!

This was toward the end of our park adventure and I wanted to snap a few more quick before his cheeks got any redder and the sweat pooled on his forehead. He was working hard!

And last but not least...

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