Carrie's Sneak Peak

I know the next week will be super busy so I'm not sure I'll be able to dig into the pictures of these two gorgeous girls much until after Boss Cowman. Since their Mom is oh-so-cool and took good care of us in college I thought I'd quick edit a few for a sneak peak. We had a great time at the park in Spearfish and the girls had all kinds of ideas about what they did and did not want to do (playground good, looking at the camera AND smiling not good). However they are just too cute to not get a few good shots.

Big sister is full of energy and ran every place we went. She was in the water, demonstrated how all of the playground equipment works and rolled through the grass all the while avoiding too many direct glances at the camera.

The two girls (seem to) get along great. Their parents will have so much fun watching them grow up together and develop the bond that they already share.

Little Sister is very serious. She did, however stare at the camera a lot, trying to figure out what in the world what happening. Cotton dresses on baby girls are so cute and how about that necklace?
There you go Carrie - hopefully enough to tide you over until I can get to the rest of them. Honestly, I was just so excited that I had to share a few with you. The rest will be up in Zenfolio as soon as they are ready!


  1. Please come back to Spearfish-I need your services! (I'm Carrie's best friend and have a boy the same age as her younger kiddo!)

  2. Rayelle - we are actually planning to be in Belle Fourche the first part of August for a wedding. Shoot me an email at kim@thecurrentconnection.com and we can set something up if you'd like.