A Quick Rundown

Since I last posted we:
  • successfully pulled off a great After Thanksgiving Sale at The Current Connection. Cider consumed: 1 gallon. Coffee consumed: 3 cups. Not sure what everyone else drank but I sure was thirsty that day. It couldn't possibly have been the 4 dozen cookies I ate.
  • barely recovered before we headed to Bismarck for what we thought would be a quick night in a hotel and appointment with an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist for Max. Five days at St. Alexius Hospital, an MRI, surgery, an allergic reaction, 18 viewings of The Lion King on VHS, THE STOMACH FLU and several gallons of Mountain Dew later they finally released us. Max and I have been back for three follow-up visits since, with another next Tuesday. This experience will get its own post. Some day.
  • drove across SD to fly to California and spend the holidays with family. The kids met Mickey Mouse and Jack crossed 'change poopy diapers on airplanes' off his Bucket List. The week after we came home, it snowed in LA.
  • knocked out a couple of walls at home. Pretty routine.
  • celebrated my birthday with dinner, a movie and a full night's sleep. Thanks to Chuck and Koreen for watching the boys and everyone who sent gifts, cake, flowers and well wishes. I felt much older than 28 as Max decided to help me celebrate the day by waking up several times in the night. We've since learned that he's cutting molars that keeps him in a constant state of pain and misery. But we still love him. And Tylenol.
  • celebrated Wrangler's birthday. He's 5 now (in human years) and enjoys eating leftover birthday cake.
That's all for now - hope you're feeling up to speed!

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