Lesson Learned. Mostly.

On a typical week day, I load and unload the boys into their carseats four times and embark on four very short adventures. Five to ten minutes each trip where I either talk on the phone ("Hi Mom! Just on my way home from work."), sing tunes ("I Caught a Little Baby Bumblebee") or attempt to engage my children in conversation. When it works, I almost always pull up to our destination laughing at the wit of my kiddos. Here's a look at tonight's drive home.

Let me first backup a couple of weeks when I got to have "the talk" with the boys. "The Talk" about...strangers. They've come to be a little too comfortable with people they don't know. For instance, at a rodeo in Rapid City a month back Max climbed right into the lap of a tattooed bearded vendor at their "Cowboy Christmas" booth. He was a super nice man and my toddling baby's simple act made his day but really? Later that week I explained to Gage that he shouldn't talk to strangers without Mom or Dad with him because even though they might seem nice, sometimes people hurt other people. We've had similar talks about strange dogs so I answered a few simple questions regarding the who's and where's, Gage shared stories of daycare buddies punching and fighting (all the cool kids are doing it) and the conversation was over.

But with Gage, its never really over.

Tonight we're pulling to the stop sign at the south end of Main Street.

Gage: Mom, that's the hotel with the pool. Why are there so many cars there?
Mom: Those people needed a place to sleep tonight. Maybe they're on vacation. They might be working away from home.

Gage: Maybe they just wanted to go swimming.
Mom: There's that too.
Gage: But we shouldn't talk to them. Because we don't know them.
Mom: Very good. You remembered!
Gage: And stangers will kill us.
Mom: (stifle laughs) Sure.
Gage: Like that guy on Aladdin. The scary one by the lion head.
Max (upon hearing 'lion'): grrrrrrrr

Just another day in paradise.

Better go. Time to watch Aladdin before bed. Ha!

I'm hoping to post info about Black Friday special at the store tomorrow so check back soon!

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