Senior 2011 - Kaci

We started Kaci's senior session early in the summer near her parents ranch. Mom, Dad and brothers all got in on some of the fun, which brought out the best smiles in Kaci.

I don't exactly remember the story behind the car, but I'm certain I remember it being a family treasure. I think its awesome!

Kaci had some great locations picked out for her session and we took a lot of her pictures in places that were important and memorable to her. This may be one of my favorite shots of all time. The moon. The reflection. The lighting. It looks like it came right out of a storybook.

We shot the rest of Kaci's pictures this fall with some great fall scenery outside and a few studio shots as well.

You made this too easy Kaci - nice work!

To see more of our work, please visit http://www.thecurrentconnection.blogspot.com/

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