Computers, Rodeo and Shingles

Our deal this week is Dell Desktop Computers. They are decent systems for a reasonable price. These come with a DVD burner, keyboard, mouse and speakers. We have systems with both 19" and 23" LCD flat panel monitors included.

Watch for next week's deal - its a good one!

Rodeo season has picked up and today we are handling call-backs for the Irene Rodeo that's coming up on Friday and Saturday. The next two weeks of entries are the biggest of the year with three large rodeos each of the next two weeks as cowboys and cowgirls head out for the 4th of July circuit. It will an exciting time for our phone operators and hopefully safe and profitable for the cowboys. We will definitely make it to the Boss Cowman Rodeo performances in Lemmon and are hoping to make it to Ft. Pierre on the 4th of July to spend time with Jack's sister and family during their celebration.

Besides the major bathroom remodel (we have a toilet and tub!) the remaining supplies for the exterior renovation have all shown up; last Friday, Saturday and Sunday the boys shingled the house. Adam and Jack worked all day on Friday and Chuck joined them Friday evening, Saturday evening and Sunday to finish up. It looks great! We are very excited to finally see progress outside. Next, Jack will be carefully removing the cement asbestos siding and prepping to install new windows and asbestos-free house coverings. Let us know if you'd like to help - we're glad to feed you in return! Stay tuned for pictures of the progress.

You can expect one more blog today - Danessa's senior pictures. I'll get to it between rodeo entry call-backs this afternoon. You won't want to miss them!

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